Bird in a room - Beita

Bird in a room Curator: Avital Naor Wexler

Artists: Efrat Rubin and Chana Goldberg

Efrat Rubin and Chana Goldberg hail from different worlds. They are at different stages of their lives and even make use of different techniques in their work. However they both deal with the subjects of femininity, motherhood, the human body, and belonging and acceptance. Alongside these themes, we see a return of the raven to their art. Is the raven an aspect of the creative woman's self-portrait, or is it a reference to an ominous, black shadow lurking in the room?
Musings on the self, the divine feminine, and birds reflected in their art converges with the innate awareness and baggage the crow bears on its wings, connecting it to memory, eating, intelligence, and life-and-death matters – survival.