Calipers and Galaxies - Beita

Calipers and Galaxies Curator: Avital Wexler

Artists: Liat Elbling, Nitzan Satt, The Analogue Front: Arik Futerman and Ariel Snapiri, Eden Bannet, Henny van Hartingsveldt, Shai Halevi.

In 388 BC, Plato asked for the sentence: "Let no one ignorant of geometry enter" to be engraved above the gates to his academy of philosophy and science. Since the dawn of human history, there have always been scientific and philosophical attempts to explain the world and its mysteries through geometry, and geometric calculations have been used to understand astronomy, astrology, optics, aesthetics, mysticism, and healing. Geometry has had many iterations over the centuries: In ancient Greece and Egypt, the golden ratio was determined to be a geometric formula that is the key to all that is beautiful in nature and human creation, a claim that gained particular prominence in the Renaissance. In the late 16th century, the German astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer Johannes Kepler suggested that the distances between the planets correspond with geometric shapes like pyramids, cubes, and spheres. In the 17th century, Newton formulated geometrical optics, and in the 20th century Einstein published his Theory of Relativity. Mystics from different cultures describe light as a geometric manifestation, Jewish Kabbalah portrays the divine presence in reality through the geometric structure of the Sefirot – Tree of Life, and refers to structures like the Star of David, and in the Mexican shamanic language of light healing is carried out at energetic frequencies encoded in various geometric shapes.
In the reality of our life over the passing year during the pandemic outbreak, when it seemed that reality has become chaotic and unpredictable, order has been disrupted, and suddenly there is also more free time to think and contemplate, many have returned to the historical, perhaps futile, attempt to explain the cosmos and its mysteries with these laws. From atoms to galaxies, from conches to architectural structures, from chemicals to energetic bodies of beings and souls and their light.