File Raiders - Beita

File Raiders Curator: Avital Naor Wexler

Artists: Shir Raz and Tom Azaria

There is a towering stone wall which has occupied the space between numbers 8 and 12 Alfasi Street in the quiet, green suburb of Rehavia for many years. Embedded in the wall is a sign, which reads:
The State of Israel
Ministry of Education and Culture, Department of Antiquities
Burial Cave from the Hasmonean Era

If you venture inside, taking one step after another, you will discover a large tomb with a pyramid for a roof. The property consists of an incense yard, entrance area, and burial chambers, whose access is currently partially blocked. The tomb is known as the Tomb of Jason, following the discovery of inscriptions during initial excavations at the site in the 1950s. A well-tended garden surrounds the tomb, as well as a path encircling it, and a bench for rest and reflection.