Looks Like Rain on Thursday - Beita

Looks Like Rain on Thursday Curator: Avital Naor Wexler

Artists: Amit Trainin and Michal Bonano

The exhibition was born from recurring encounters between illustrators Amit Trainin and Michal Bonano, a face-to-face, image-to-image meeting, which has become rare in this world of screens and networks.
Michal and Amit interviewed each other, asked honest questions in order to get to know each other, went for nature walks, visited each other's houses, and brought together periods, places, love, and people. In their work process, they strayed from two-dimensional illustration, which usually occurred in the solitude of their studios in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, and embarked on a joint, multi-dimensional installation on pieces of wood from a local wood workshop, as well as on the gallery walls. This is an invitation to wander through this space, search for connections, identify places, ask questions, and find illustrated answers.