The Minotaur had a Mother - Beita

The Minotaur had a Mother Curator: Keren Weisshaus

Artists: SHEVA group: Anat Greenberg, Aya Sarig, Dalia Hay Acco, Lili Fisher, Rosa Ben Arie
5.5.2023 - 9.6.2023

Countless myths and fairytales have been written about motherhood, passed down from mother to daughter, instilling maternal archetypes in generations of women. The members of the artist group Sheva look at this delicate subject and examine what type of “mother” all these myths are trying to shape. The motherhood that emerges from them is dark and complex, completely different from the soft and perfect mother that ads keep trying to sell us. Against the mythological story, the artists reflect on the personal story that every mother tells herself, about parenthood and about her relationship with her children. This is a two-way mirror that breaks down the social constructs around motherhood as it has been formed by patriarchal culture, while using the perspective of the mythical story to take down the personal defenses that each mother puts up around this sensitive and private subject.