Contour - Beita

Contour Curator: Avital Naor Wexler

Artists: Amir Tomashov, Ann Deych, Gila Miller Lapidot, Hadar Saifan, Hadar Pery.

The exhibition examines the way in which the urban expanse is transformed into a visual language. How are the structures and forms that mold the urban landscape, utilized to symbolize something else? And how does the observer identify the city, even when it is not the direct subject of the artwork?
Is it due to the natural discernment of the eye? Does this immediate identification of a city signify house and home, or is it perhaps that which attests to danger and alienation? How do the artworks fashion the gallery space as an echo of the street, reflected through large windows: as the backdrop of a city in which the observer finds himself an actor or wandering like a flȃneur; or as an inner emotional space?