Heavens and Earth - Beita

Heavens and Earth Curator: Avital Wexler

Artists: Daniel Paley, Michal Sophia Tobiass, Shirel Safra

The exhibition Heavens and Earth began with a children’s book. The book “Michael and the Monster of Jerusalem” by Meir Shalev, illustrated by Emanuele Luzzati, was published in 1989 by the Tower of David Museum, which opened that year. The story starts with the adventures of Michael, a boy from Jerusalem, who exits his home one night, and mischievously leaves strange footprints in the snow covering the city. The monster-like footprints cause a great commotion, and city residents search for the monster living amongst them. The next night, Michael meets the Shneiorir - the monster of Jerusalem, who is made entirely of stone panels and feeds off of pine trees and pinecones. The Shneiorir asks Michael to confess his deeds, so the city’s people will stop searching for him, and his life will be able to continue peacefully, as it had for the past 7500 years he lived in the city.