Home Language - Beita

Home Language Curator: Ron Bartos

Artists: Yonatan Ullman, Micha Ullman, Mia Gourvitch, David Ginaton, Tzfia Dgani, Ra’anan Harlap Osnat Yaheli-Sarbagili, Dorit Cohen Gabriella Klein, Buky Schwartz, Aaron Shaul Schur

The upcoming exhibition has adopted the gallery’s name, Beita, an Aramaic word, meaning “home.” It draws on the name to express the features of the home depicted in the gallery. Since Beita is the host, the exhibition expresses the desire to view its place of accommodation as a home, a place of lodging, and where it is comfortable speaking the “home-language.”

Home language
An earthquake
At times it rattles
Like a

Tin box
And at times it is
But a gentle presence

Avoth Yeshurun