Last Tripp In Jerusalem Brothers of Light - Beita

Last Tripp In Jerusalem Brothers of Light Curator: Avital Naor Wexler

Artists: Brothers of Light

The worlds that the Brothers of Light create, simulate a trip. A state of consciousness in which the familiar, the alien, and the bizarre intermingle: colors become sharper, architectural structures are reversed and cut off, stairs lose their direction. Original beaked figures travel back and forth among the artwork without giving it a second glance. Objects and shapes, whether random or significant, float and sink naturally, emerge and disappear into the starry skies. The artists' aesthetic language leans on what is familiar, normal, and local in daily life, which usually also serves as their work surface. However, one discovers there is a delusional, blistering reality beneath all this.
It seems as though essential, personal information hides within the detailed, vibrant richness, which may shed light on the secret identity of the artists. However, the attempt to cling to the information and read it as a map or a biography, is doomed to fail. While the steps and the beaked figures, the repetition and disturbance, may lead the eye to a portal to another promising dimension, the key, or the secret code, remains with them.